Legally Blonde, Number One Show

Meet’s number one show in London for 2010, Legally Blonde. Susan McFadden the current star takes being blonde to new musical heights. Legally Blonde the Musical, opened on Broadway at the Palace Theatre on 29 April 2007 with Laura Bell Bundy as the lead, Elle Woods. The show came to the West End, Savoy Theatre on January 13, 2010 and has been playing ever since.

The original London Cast opened with Sheridan Smith as Elle Wood. The current cast stars Susan Mcfadden as Elle Woods, Denise Van Outen, Paulette, and Alex Gaumond, as Emmett. Susan McFadden has worked with the cast prior to her assuming the lead role so she works well with the other cast members. Susan formerly played a friend of Elle. In past musicals, Susan McFadden starred as Sandy in the musical Grease, another iconic film and musical from America. The musical features Jerry Mitchell as director with Lyrics and Music by Nell Benjamin.

The musical stems from the hit movie that stared Reese Witherspoon as Elle. In 2007 while on Broadway the show earned seven Tony Award nominations and ranked in the top ten as the most requested show for Ticketmaster. When Reece Witherspoon shot the last scene of the movie, The production of Legally Blonde the movie shot the Graduation scene from Harvard here in London at the Great Hall of Dulwich College standing in for Harvard University. Reese was filming in London at the time and could not fly back to America.

The story centres around Elle Woods, a recent college graduate, that does not like to take no, for an answer. So when her college sweetheart dumps her Elle heads off to Harvard Law School to prove to everyone that blondes are capable people too. The musical has a reputation for having a great sense of wit, and humour about it. Gentlemen who have viewed the musical thinking they would not be entertained were pleasantly surprised. The musical has 18 musical numbers and Elle sings 16 of them.

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