Legally Blonde, a Memorable Movie Turned Into a Musical

Legally Blonde is one of the most memorable films that has been turned into a musical. There is just something charming and innocently sweet about the main character, Elle. Elle is the central figure in Legally Blonde. The character of Elle was played by American actress Reese Witherspoon in the original film. The original cast for Legally Blonde (the musical) included Laura Bell Bundy as Elle Woods and Richard H. Blake as Warner.

Legally Blonde originally began as a novel written by Karen Lutz. The novel then transformed into a film, which was directed by Robert Luketic, and with a cast of some of the hottest names in Hollywood. As mentioned, Reese Witherspoon played the role of Elle Woods in the original film. Other notable actors included Luke Wilson, who plays the role of the young recent graduate of Harvard and serves as an ally to Elle throughout her trials and tribulations as a first year law student. Holland Taylor and Vince Garber also played roles as Harvard professors in the film.

The story line behind Legally Blonde is powerful and inspirational. The story shows how a typical sorority girl can transform her passion for clothing and partying into knowledge of the law. In addition, one of the other themes of this musical is finding personal female empowerment by helping others. In the musical, Elle starts off wanting to attend Harvard for law school, only as a way to get back with her ex-boyfriend. When she finally attends Harvard, she learns a completely different lesson in life. Elle learns to get over her past love for Warner and move on with her life. She is able to singlehandedly defend an innocent woman from being charged with murder. In this way, Legally Blonde becomes a touching and moving comedy.

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