Legally Blonde: The Musical Is a Night of Fun

Legally Blonde: The Musical is a stage show based on the novel, as well as the movies of the same name famously starring the delightful Reese Witherspoon. While Witherspoon does not join the cast in the stage version, this marvellous piece of theatre once held the talents of Sheridan Smith of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps fame, as well as Jill Halfpenny of Coronation Street notoriety. Currently, however, the show is lead by the talented Susan McFadden as the primary character of Elle Woods, and remarkable Simon Thomas as the focus of her affections, Warner Huntington III.

As far as the plot and setting, it generally follows that of the first Legally Blonde movie, with the addition of addicting musical numbers and tremendously high energies. McFadden’s character, Elle Woods, seeks to reunite with her boyfriend by choosing to attend Harvard Law School with him in order to show him that she too can be a smart, serious girl. While she encounters some difficulties adjusting to the campus, she conducts herself with poise, style, and a lot of pink. In the end, if one enjoyed the humour, fun and hilarious moments in the Legally Blonde movies, then the stage adaptation would be a fine choice to see as well.

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Legally Blonde, Number One Show

Meet’s number one show in London for 2010, Legally Blonde. Susan McFadden the current star takes being blonde to new musical heights. Legally Blonde the Musical, opened on Broadway at the Palace Theatre on 29 April 2007 with Laura Bell Bundy as the lead, Elle Woods. The show came to the West End, Savoy Theatre on January 13, 2010 and has been playing ever since.

The original London Cast opened with Sheridan Smith as Elle Wood. The current cast stars Susan Mcfadden as Elle Woods, Denise Van Outen, Paulette, and Alex Gaumond, as Emmett. Susan McFadden has worked with the cast prior to her assuming the lead role so she works well with the other cast members. Susan formerly played a friend of Elle. In past musicals, Susan McFadden starred as Sandy in the musical Grease, another iconic film and musical from America. The musical features Jerry Mitchell as director with Lyrics and Music by Nell Benjamin.

The musical stems from the hit movie that stared Reese Witherspoon as Elle. In 2007 while on Broadway the show earned seven Tony Award nominations and ranked in the top ten as the most requested show for Ticketmaster. When Reece Witherspoon shot the last scene of the movie, The production of Legally Blonde the movie shot the Graduation scene from Harvard here in London at the Great Hall of Dulwich College standing in for Harvard University. Reese was filming in London at the time and could not fly back to America.

The story centres around Elle Woods, a recent college graduate, that does not like to take no, for an answer. So when her college sweetheart dumps her Elle heads off to Harvard Law School to prove to everyone that blondes are capable people too. The musical has a reputation for having a great sense of wit, and humour about it. Gentlemen who have viewed the musical thinking they would not be entertained were pleasantly surprised. The musical has 18 musical numbers and Elle sings 16 of them.

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Legally Blonde, Elle Woods’ Story

Legally Blonde, The Musical was a smash in New York on Broadway, and now it has found a new home at The Savoy Theatre in London. Acclaimed for its witty dialogue, memorable music, and rousing finale, Legally Blonde makes for a fun night at the theatre for the entire family.

Legally Blonde’s heroine is Elle Woods, a lovable and dynamic co-ed who always has the perfect outfit for any occasion. Elle senses that her boyfriend, Warner, is on the verge of proposing marriage. When he breaks up with her instead and announces his intention of finding an intellectual girlfriend, Elle resolves to enter Harvard Law school and win her boyfriend back.

Based on the 2001 American movie, Legally Blonde, starring Reese Witherspoon, the musical version of this story was first produced for the Broadway stage in 2007 at the Palace Theatre. It quickly became a hit, garnering 7 Tony Award nominations and 10 Drama Desk Award nominations. Laura Bell Bundy headlined the original production as Elle, with Christian Borle playing her love-interest Emmet Forrest. This production of the musical broke precedent in September of 2007, when it was recorded and Broadcast on American television network MTV. What followed was a reality show in which the next Elle Woods was cast. The winner of the reality show, Bailey Hanks, played Elle on Broadway until the show closed in October of 2008.

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Legally Blonde, a Memorable Movie Turned Into a Musical

Legally Blonde is one of the most memorable films that has been turned into a musical. There is just something charming and innocently sweet about the main character, Elle. Elle is the central figure in Legally Blonde. The character of Elle was played by American actress Reese Witherspoon in the original film. The original cast for Legally Blonde (the musical) included Laura Bell Bundy as Elle Woods and Richard H. Blake as Warner.

Legally Blonde originally began as a novel written by Karen Lutz. The novel then transformed into a film, which was directed by Robert Luketic, and with a cast of some of the hottest names in Hollywood. As mentioned, Reese Witherspoon played the role of Elle Woods in the original film. Other notable actors included Luke Wilson, who plays the role of the young recent graduate of Harvard and serves as an ally to Elle throughout her trials and tribulations as a first year law student. Holland Taylor and Vince Garber also played roles as Harvard professors in the film.

The story line behind Legally Blonde is powerful and inspirational. The story shows how a typical sorority girl can transform her passion for clothing and partying into knowledge of the law. In addition, one of the other themes of this musical is finding personal female empowerment by helping others. In the musical, Elle starts off wanting to attend Harvard for law school, only as a way to get back with her ex-boyfriend. When she finally attends Harvard, she learns a completely different lesson in life. Elle learns to get over her past love for Warner and move on with her life. She is able to singlehandedly defend an innocent woman from being charged with murder. In this way, Legally Blonde becomes a touching and moving comedy.

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